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Thank you for visiting TheSheetMetalKid.com. I am extremely thrilled you have found us, and am very excited to cultivate a healthy working relationship with you. Before I tell you about me, I would like to share my Core Values I vow to stand by.

Relationships – At SMK, I value relationships above all else. I want this to be the best experience you have had on the web thus far. That is why I place social media in the forefront of this operation. I believe it is a way to develop meaningful relationships. It enables you to know me, and for me to know you. That way I can cater to YOU, be held accountable by YOU, and interact with YOU.

Quality – I demand of myself uncompromising quality. It may not be easy sometimes. But I can assure you that perfection is one of my strengths, and one of my weaknesses as well. Without craftsmanship, we will fail undoubtedly, this is yet another reason why we are held in account, by YOU

Service – Sound cliché? I know service is something I value as a customer, so it is my promise to deliver to you. Great service doesn’t just mean deliver a quality product, but to follow up with perseverance until YOU are satisfied. We know in return, it provokes a sense of community and loyalty. Us teamed together equals mutually profitable results for both parties.