Ductwork install tip #2 Getting Out of a Pinch with Vee Knotchers

Posted by Ryan Murray on 27th Apr 2014

You know one thing I didn’t mention regarding “Getting out of that pinch” you can – if you buy yourself a pair of Vee Knotchers or if you’d get into the position where you have to dovetail something, you can always use – say you’re doing an elbow up the plenum; you could always do the same thing with the Vee Knotchers on the end of this elbow and virtually do the exact same thing on this application.

Same with the ductwork damper, if you don’t have a start collar and you happen to have a six inch damper or the size that you’re using damper; you can always make sure that you dovetail of course the opposite end of the crimp because our air flow is coming this way, right?

Opposite end of the crimp, dovetail this all the way around and you can tapped out right into your plenum and that will take care both of the damper and the take-offs sometimes. So, these are just little tricks that you can use to get by. I hope they’re useful to you. Any questions or comments go ahead and leave them and I’ll reply to them as soon as possible. Thanks for watching.