How To adjust a Round Sheet Metal Ductwork Elbow

Posted by Ryan Murray on 28th Apr 2014

I’m here to talk to you today about adjustable elbows. Okay? A lot of people get confused on how to adjust adjustable elbows. To get an elbow save it order elbow from me – you get a 14 to 24 inch elbows. Those can be very, very difficult no matter your skill set on how to adjust. If you don’t know how to adjust them, I’m hoping that this video will clear some things up.

So, let’s talk about the anatomy of the elbow. Now, there’s gores on the elbow. The gores on the elbow are these parts right here that are used to connect the elbow itself, okay? Those are the gores. You got your different sections.

Now, if you look at this, you got one, two, three, four sections of elbow, okay? Let me do that a little bit better back here. One, two, three, four sections of elbow, okay? So, when we refer to the gores; we’re talking about the part, the different parts, okay? So, these are the different sections. These are the gores that connect them and then this is our seam.

This is our longitude seam. If you look real close, their button punch are usually spot well that if they’re bigger. So, that’s our seam. So, in order to get this elbow to do what we want, we have to understand the difference of the seam [inaudible 00:01:40]. Now, if all of these seams right here are lined up all the way down, we’re going to get a straight section, okay? I’m going to demonstrate on how to get a 90 degree section.

So, what we’re going to do is: “Every other gore, I’m going to flip over and I’m going to mere the opposite side.” So, what I’m going to do is: “I’m going to take this seam in this section and I’m going to flip this one to the complete opposite.” Okay, so now you can slowly see it start taking place.

You kind of look at the inside and you can see all that this seam and the second seam are opposite of one another, okay? Same is going to happen with this one. I’m going to make this seam and this seam opposite of one another. So, there it is.

As you can see on the inside, this seam is opposite of this seam. I’m going to complete it. It’s like a Rubik’s Cube really. So, I’m going to take this seam and I’m going to go opposite. Now, every other seam should line up just like this. If you could see that, this seam and this seam line up. So, now I know that I’m at exactly 90 degrees and that one’s off a little bit. But, you can see that seam and that seam. That seam and that seam, okay? We now have a 90 degree elbow.

Now, let’s say that we’re doing a 45, this is where it starts getting tricky. Hopefully, you’ll understand the seam portion. If not, e-mail me or subscribe to my YouTube and I’ll go ahead and answer your questions that you may have. So, I’m going to take this 90 degree elbow and I want to make it a 45 because that’s what I’m off setting around or I needed to be a 45.

We can do the same thing, okay. What we’re going to do is: “We’re going to make this seam and this seam almost to where they’re touching like so.” I’m going to take this next seam and I’m going to line it up with this one. So, that seam is now lined up with that one. Then, I’m going to take that seam and am I at the 45, absolutely not.

This is where you have to get your angle finder and make sure that you’re at 45. But, the closer I bring these seams together, this seam and this seam and line them up as I go is the closer that I’m going to get. That’s almost a 45. The closer these seams are, the lesser the degrees. So, opposite is 90 degrees and as we go closer, we can do a 35. That’s about a 35 degree bent.

So, now our seams are coming closer together. It’s pertinent that these seams right here on the other side line up with one another. Once you start getting into the bigger 24 inch elbows, I have a blog post; I’ll go ahead and I’ll post that in the description below.

There are few tricks on anything that’s over 40 inches. It’s going to be difficult to deal and hopefully, that will help you out. If not, e-mail me, comment and I’ll answer your questions that you may have. But, hopefully, that clears up everything about the adjustable elbow for you.