Dampers (1.5" Standoff Handle)

damper-with-sleeve-standoff-56994.1413571557.1280.1280.jpgBalancing dampers are simply manual butterfly dampers encased in a galvanized sheet metal sleeve.  Each branch should have a balancing damper installed. That way, it's possible to regulate the airflow by adjusting the position of the damper. They should be located in areas that are easily accessible for adjustment. Typical uses are for rooms that get minimal use and can be closed off for extended periods of time or rooms that need different amounts of air flow in the summer and winter. Damper Sleeves are made from Galvanized Steel and have a 1 ½" Stand-Off Damper Handle to raise it above any fiberglass insulation.

Duct Installation Tips & Tricks — To install Damper Sleeves, you simply slide the sleeve into the item you are attaching to and fasted with sheet metal screws and conceal seam with duct tape. We do recommend that you seal around all sheet metal to sheet metal connections with a duct sealant to prevent air leakage, and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.