Inline Duct Booster Fans

diversitech-booster-fan.jpgFor hard to heat or cool rooms. Easily installs in branch duct (round, square, or rectangular) which
supplies air to the problem room. Electrical hookup can be to a wall switch, auxiliary switch, thermostat or
directly to the blower making it possible to use all the time or only at certain times. Each booster fan
individually boxed.

Duct Fans are an efficient way to increase air circulation and keep room temperatures consistent and keep heating and cooling costs lower. The integrated junction box makes wiring easy and provides a faster professional installation. Metal construction, powerful no-maintenance motors and a one-use thermal fuse mean these fans will be up to the task for years. Installation into any 120V system is straightforward with detailed instructions, templates, and diagrams. Available in many sizes, these fans are a great way to give slow vents a boost.