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Saddle Taps on flat


Saddle Taps on flat are a great way to branch a round duct run off of a rectangular duct run. A 45 degree round duct saddle tap adds a branch from existing rectangular metal duct runs. Use with Flexible duct or Sheet Metal Duct for take-off air. Curved flange wraps around existing metal duct. As with all of the products, they are manufactured from the highest quality galvanized sheet metal and to our exacting standards.

Duct Installation Tips & Tricks — You simply cut the proper size hole in your round duct run or plenum, then attach your Saddle Tap using Sheet Metal Screws through the flange into the duct or plenum on approximately 6" centers. We do recommend that you seal around the Saddle Tap connection to the plenum with a duct sealant to prevent air leakage. Also see installation tip for Flexible Duct or Sheet Metal Duct, depending on which type you will be attaching to.

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